11 July 2010

And Now a Word From the Cats...

Hello there foodie readers. Hopie is away dressing up in funny clothes and talking strangely somewhere that's not here. But we like food too!
Yes, we do, especially cat food.
Yes, I especially like food. Marcel, I'm telling this story, be quiet.
Edgar, these people can't pet us. Why are we talking to them?
Because, blog is Hopie's favorite TOY and I want to play! Anyway, there are all too many photos of human dinner already on this site and they would like to see some photos of something much prettier.
And softer too! Perfect for petting.

Here we are doing some research for our big blogpost.
Don't we look pettable?

And here's Edgar strategizing how to get the computer open. He's probably too busy to be pet. I'm not! I'm not!


I am the mastermind behind this blog post. And I want tuna.

Here we are resting and cleaning ourselves. We are very clean cats. Especially if someone gives us tuna.
Or pets us.
Hopie told us she would come back so she'll probably want to tell you about more human food. You don't have to tell her we played with her toy. She doesn't usually like that. You could tell her how well-behaved we are.
And how adorable.
We're off to take a nap. All this playing is tiring!


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Aaaawww, your kitties are so cute! What a beautiful coat they have. They have really grown!



Anonymous said...

This is like the blog equivalent of Snoopy lying down on top of any papers (newspapers, tax forms) that I'm trying to look at. Nice job, Edgar and Marcel! You really type well!

Anonymous said...

I love them. They look like they could be related to my new kitty.

Kirstin said...

You two are the cutest! <3

David said...

Hmmmm, there's something FISHY about this post.

Nic said...

This awesome! Well done you two! Absolutely gorgeous :)

donizeticabral said...

Que gatinhos mais lindos!!!