01 January 2011

Happy New Year from Edgar and Marcel

Cat mastermind Edgar here.
And Marcel!
Yes, and Marcel. We've been busy tearing the apartment apart while D. and Hopie are on vacation. See, we wanted to do a holiday post, but Hopie thought she was being smart when she took her computer home with her for vacation so we couldn't get at it. Of course, she forgot she'd be too tired and jet-lagged when she got home to pay close attention to us. And besides we're cats. The rules don't apply to us.
Show them Edgar!
Right. For example, Hopie and D. have a rule 'don't go on the table'. Here's what I think of that rule:

At Christmas time they have even more rules like 'don't play with the silly Christmas bush'...

Right, and 'don't eat the hors-d'oeuvres or drink port':

But of course the best part of our mastermind plot is that we are so cute.
Very cute, and pettable. Did I mention I'm pettable?
So even though you couldn't say we were good this year, we still got this awesome toy for Christmas that looks like a bird:

Oooh, ooh, I want to play. I hope Hopie wakes up soon.
Let's go walk on her head.
Yeah and open the curtains. I know how to do that now. It's great!

So this year, don't forget to play.
Be curious about new things. Take risks. Plot some mischief.
Chase your dreams tirelessly.

And pet your cat (or someone else's).
Or me. You can come pet me!


Weekend Cat Blogging is being hosted by Scrappycat, Smudge, Patchouli and Coco over at Sidewalk Shoes! They say Happy New Year too!


Julie said...

What cuties! Happy New Year!!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Wow, they have grown fast! What beautiful kitties.

Happy New Year!



Ivy said...

They are gorgeous and so cute. Happy New Year.

Hopie said...

Julie - Yes they are, when they're not walking on my head and opening the curtains to wake us up ;-)

Rosa - I know. Aren't they huge? Happy New Year!!

Ivy - Thanks, Happy New Year!

Judi said...

I would never be able to resist such cuties. Happy 2011!

Cicero Sings said...

Cute post guys! You sure know how to get around those humans! Looks like you might have enjoyed those hors d'oeuvores a liitle too much though. Tell Hopie I really enjoyed her poem she left me on my post, one on reveries.

Glad a good holiday season was enjoyed by all -- ah, but now reality -- a new year with new adventures and escapades. Meeeeaow!!

Tony said...

Wow they've gotten so big! It's crazy. I'd say we should introduce our cats to each other but I think Esh would try to kill them both - she doesn't like new cats.

Nic said...

Lol! They are awesome! I know about the getting woken up thing, I get patted on my face at all hours of the morning because it's play time! And I can't go out of the room whilst eating without taking my dinner with me or some of the food disappears! These cats! But where would we be without them! Happy New Year to you and D. :)

Anonymous said...

The cute part is definitely the most diabolical part of the plan. Bonne Année to all of you, from me, Nick, and Snoopy (who wants to learn that curtain trick).

Niki said...

Happy New Year!