19 July 2011

L'été dans l'Indre / Summer in the Center of France

J'écris très peu souvent en français dans mon blog ces jours-ci, et pourtant je vis ma vie en français 95% du temps. Mon blog est un moment de repos où, du coup, je me permets de m'exprimer dans ma langue maternelle, mais aussi, la plupart des bloggeurs qui me suivent parlent anglais (même quand ils ne sont pas anglophones).

I rarely write in French in my blog these days, and yet, I live and speak and think in French 95% of the time! I think because I like my blog to be a moment of relaxation where I can speak my native language (I can post much fast that way and with more nuances) and
also because most of my readers speak English (even when it's not their native language).

Cela dit, je deviens aussi de plus en plus intégrée à la vie en France et le fait de
m'éloigner de Paris tous les étés pour me poser en plein milieu de la France fait partie de cette sensation. Paris est international plutôt que français - tout comme New York est international plutôt qu'américain, mais l'Indre, c'est tout à fait différent et j'ai la chance de le découvrir, non pas en tant que touriste, mais en tant qu'artiste : déjà en 2009 et 2010 et puis cette année en avril (quand les chats ont pris mon blog en hôtage) j'ai fait un atelier d'écriture dans le village de Bonneuil (population de 106 habitants).

That said, I am becoming more and more integrated into life in France and leaving the capital every summer and spending a couple weeks in the the middle of nowhere France (in a department called l'Indre, which even most French people can't place on a map) definitely contributes to that. Paris is international rather than French - just as New York is more international than American - but l'Indre is a whole different experience, one I've been lucky enough to discover, not as a tourist, but as an artist, first in the summer of
2009 and 2010, and then this year in April when I helped run a theater writing workshop in the small town of Bonneuil, population 106. (The cats had my blog hostage during my absence.)

Cette fois-ci, les deux semaines ont été bien remplies par
le montage d'un nouveau spectacle de farces médiévales, avec des extraits joués à Chaillac, St-Gilles, Le Châtre-l'Anglin, Parnac, Dunet, Bonneuil, et puis le spectacle complet deux fois à St-Benoit-du-Sault où nous étions logés. Malheureusement, à cause de la météo, nous n'avons pas pu jouer sur la très jolie place de l'église, mais le public a suivi quand même.

This time, the two weeks were extremely busy. We created a new show, adding 4 medieval farces to our repertory and put up extracts in a bunch of small towns in the area (
Chaillac, St Gilles, Le Châtre l'Anglin, Parnac, Dunet, Bonneuil), culminating our efforts with two performances of the four farces in their entirety in St Benoit du Sault where we were in residence. Unfortunately due to the rain, we couldn't perform outdoors in front of the church, but the audience came anyway and even graced us with a standing ovation!

Et la nourriture dans tout cela ? Pour une fois, il n'y a pas de lien, si ce n'est que j'ai rencontré des bloggeurs à Bonneuil, dont l'auteure du très beau blog Le jardin de mon calendrier. Son chaudron magique me tente déjà avec des recettes comme l'hypocras - très approprié pour les farces médiévales !

What about food, you say? Not much to say in that department, except that I met the lovely author of the blog
Le jardin de mon calendrier in Bonneuil and I'm all excited to try some of her recipes in the near future, including her recipe for hypocras a medieval spiced wine would go perfectly well with the theme of the past two weeks!


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Un bel endroit si paisible! Your French is perfect.



Apples and Butter said...

Such a lovely way to spend the summer! We sometimes get to go to the south of France in the summer and it is my favorite trip of the year. We missed it this summer so thanks for letting me live through your experience in central France!

Psychgrad said...

Nice pictures! I would love to spend time in a middle of nowhere town in France. I think that's what I need to improve my language skills.

Cicero Sings said...

Sounds like a lovely experience to me and you even got stuff accomplished! I like visiting those kind of places as cities are not so enjoyable to me.

Julie said...

Hi! What a beautiful way to spend some time in the summer. Your pictures are great. Hope all is well with you!

Hopie said...

Rosa - Merci ! Ton blog bilingue est toujours une source d'inspiration pour moi !

Apples and Butter - Not quite as romantic as the South of France, but beautiful in its own way :-) Hope you get to France sometime soon!

Psychgrad - Definitely a good way to practice one's French. Can't get around just with English like in Paris. Although, that said, there are more and more British expats in that area. It was certainly helpful to have an English-speaker in the troupe!

Cicero - I agree. To get a real taste of the culture and the landscapes, you have to go to the countryside.

Julie - I was often too busy to notice the beauty, but it WAS quite picturesque a place to be working one's butt off ;-)

Anonymous said...

We finally did a little get-out-into-the-country vacation last week. It really is a different ballgame out there! :)