20 April 2012

The Attack of the Zhu Zhu Pets by Edgar and Marcel

Marcel, Marcel, wake up! Hopie's away again. We can write to our dear readers on the blog again! I bet they miss us.

Enough to pet us? Or give us tuna?
All right. Hello? Anyone there?

Yes, hello dear readership this is Mastermind Edgar.
This is Marcel!

Hopie is doing a theater writing workshop with her company's loyal audiences in the center of France...
She likes them better than us. I bet she's giving them tuna right now.

...and then taking a show to another city she calls Lyon.
Lion? She's going to pet other cats??
So we're back to update our fans.

Tell them about our new toys!
I told you Marcel, those toys are not for us. They're for our humans.
But they squeak and roll around on the floor and look good to hunt! I know they're for us.

No Marcel, they're silly human pets called Zhu Zhus.
Other pets? Competition??
Exactly, Marcel. They are not to be played with. They must be eliminated.

Like we eliminated that evil leather chair?

Yes. We ripped it to shreds to show who was boss. We will do the same with these Zhu Zhu creatures.
But Edgar...
Come to think of it, they're...kind of scary. I think I might rather curl up under the bed.

Don't be ridiculous. We must rule in this house.
Or...we could take a nap in the humans' underwear instead.

Marcel, come back here!
No! If there's no tuna, I'm taking a nap!

Marcel! Excuse me, dear readers, insubordination calls. I must go. Until next time...


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

What cute "monsters"!!!



Cicero Sings said...

Hey, good to see you two again! By the looks of you, I don't think you're suffering none ... looks like you, perhaps, get too much tuna???? Beware lest the humans catch on and worse than Zhu Zhus they introduce DIET.

Pet Lover said...

Hmm hope tuna were tasty & scrumptious.

Gael O'SCANLAN said...

Following you... Well, following your feline friend.

Hopie said...

Edgar and Marcel say "thanks and see you soon" to all their wonderful followers. (At least that's what I've chosen to think their too-innocent meows mean.)