13 July 2008

Brown Sugar Muffins

En français ici.
This Sunday, I have the pleasure of sending you over to one of my favorite cooking blogs, Dine and Dish. Kristen has been on a roll of yummy recipes lately (as usual, actually), and I was particularly drawn to her brown sugar muffins (originally from this blog) since I had all the ingredients lying around just waiting to be put together in this ingeniously yummy way!

The day after I read the recipe, I got up early (if you know me, you can guess how good that recipe must have sounded to provoke such an effect) to make the muffins in time for breakfast. I followed the recipe pretty exactly and put in the nuts that Kristen left out. I used walnuts, which I highly recommend as their bitter crunchiness nicely offsets the rich sweetness of the brown sugar. Unless you're allergic to walnuts...in which case I do NOT recommend them. Pecans are nice too.

1/2 cup butter, melted
1 egg
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup milk
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 cups flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup nuts, chopped coarsely

Preheat oven to 375ºF (190ºC). Grease muffin tin.

Melt butter, combine all ingredients until mixed (but not overmixed). Put batter in tins and bake 20 minutes or until done.

They came out of the oven looking so yummy and smelling divine. The taste was no disappointment. They're easy to make and absolutely delicious. We ate them hot, with a little butter and some homemade jam from Bonthés et Accessoires.


Psychgrad said...

I love both of those blogs. This looks delicious!

David said...

This, I believe, is psychological torture which I am sure is contrary to the Geneva Convention or the Law of the Sea or the 10 Things You Should Have Learned in Kindergarten If You Were Paying Attention or (worst of all) the dictates of the Academie Francaise. In any case, I came THIS CLOSE (imagine my thumb and forefinger a micron apart) to eating my computer. And then you would have been in big trouble!

In short:

Hopie said...

Psychgrad - I just discovered Taste and Tell through this recipe, but I think I will be reading it more often! And I'm definitely a fan of Dine and Dish. Thanks for stopping by :-)

Dad - I know torture's not technically okay, but I figure if our commander in chief sees the use of it, who am I to argue? Er, or rather, I'll just have to come to Rockport and make some of these muffins then, won't I? And bring some Morad jam?

Kristen said...

Oh you made them! Yay! Weren't they awesome?
Thanks for the kind words!

Hopie said...

Yup, I think awesome pretty much describes it! And those words were all well-deserved ;-)

Katharine said...

Speaking of Bonthés, how is Mourad? Last time we spoke he was having terrible back pain. Perhaps a brown sugar muffin would do the trick! :) Love, Mom

Hopie said...

His back is doing better, still in some pain though. He said you recommended a chiropractor for him! He was very touched. I should bring some muffins over to him when we get back from the States...

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm... thanks for the recipe! I'm trying these!

Hopie said...

My pleasure ! Bonne dégustation !