11 October 2011

Birthday Bouchées

Life is totally crazy right now, up early, to bed late and not a minute's rest in between most days. Even the weekend means running around. I long for a Sunday in pajamas with a good book in my hands or in front of some mind-numbing, silly television show.

This weekend was my birthday and a friend and I had a joint birthday party. One of the best things about it was that we both love to cook and got to make only food we really love to eat. We stuck to finger food that people would be able to eat easily standing up and chatting, like these fancy cheese balls, savory cakes like this cake au thon, made in little individual portions, sushi rolls, mini-sandwiches and lots of veggies and dip like my hummus and Camille's Bacon and Onion Dip. People brought drinks but we also tried out this recipe for White Tea Sangria from that amazing Elle's New England Kitchen.

All and all a good time was had by all, except possibly the cats who hid under the bed the whole time. But they made up for it by being extra cute and affectionate for the rest of the weekend.


Tony said...

Sounds like fun. Also - I miss you!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Happy belated birthday! lovely food and cute kitties.



Olivier SC said...

Joyeux anniversaire, amie ! Ces bouchées sont digne d'une Reine !

Psychgrad said...

Looks yummy! Happy belated birthday!

Cicero Sings said...

Belated Happy Birthday. Looks like you had a fun time with lots of good food. Hope your year brings good things your way.

Love the cats!

Mel said...

Happy late birthday Hope!! Looks like you had a deliciously good time, and I hope all your busyness is keeping you feeling happy and fulfilled :)

Much Love!

Julie said...

Happy BIrthday!

Anonymous said...

Looks fantastic, so sorry we missed it! (Though I think you understand, if your life is anything like ours these days, which it sounds like it is.) When can I buy you (and D., come to think of it) a couple of birthday drinks?