29 August 2011

Rockport, Cape Ann, Massachusetts

Back "home" with the family. The hurricane has done its worst in these parts (some flooding and impressive ocean fireworks mostly) but with the stay-at-home advisory and 50 mile an hour winds, nothing to do here but toast our safety with vodka cocktails (vodka, pomegranate or peach juice, and a squeeze of lemon) and watch old movies.

A nouveau dans la maison familiale. Pour nous, le plus gros de l'ouragan est passé (des inondations et des vagues sacrément impressionnantes), mais vu que le gouvernement veut qu'on reste chez nous et que le vent souffle encore très fort, il n'y a rien à faire à part trinquer à notre santé avec des cocktails et regarder des vieux films.


Sylvie said...

Take care Hopie ! I hope that this hurricane will left you as soon as possible... And, ;) have good coktails with your family.
Sorry there is some mistakes, I didn't practise since a long time.
Kiss from France

Mel said...

For some reason it won't let me enlarge the second picture, but what part of Rockport is that?? A view from your house? The pictures of VT and Edie are gorgeous, too! I hope you guys stay safe up there and give them all, and Rockport, some love from me!


Hopie said...

Sylvie - Thank you. The hurricane didn't do too much damage around here. Your English is very good! Come by and practice anytime!

Mel - I sent you some pics including that one! The hurricane was spectacular but not too destructive around here. Edie is so cute. It's easy to take good pics of her ;-)

Ivy said...

Glad to hear that you are well and that this is behind you.

Cicero Sings said...

Glad to hear you and yours were safe through Irene. That little niece is a right cutie-pie!

Katharine said...

Love the photo with the seagulls. Where is that? And, of your niece is magnificent, of course. Love, Mom