22 September 2008

Sunday too-much-baking

D'habitude je poste une recette de dessert le dimanche, car c'est le week-end et je peux m'amuser en cuisinant. Pourtant, ce week-end je me suis tellement amusée, que je n'ai même pas eu le temps de poster ! J'ai fait des brownies pour que D.K. puisse les amener à la rencontre Cadavreski :

This weekend, there was so much kitchen activity that I didn't even have time to post a single recipe! I guess I had to make up for going away last weekend. On Friday, I made these brownies for D.K. to bring to a meeting with a group of writers who all participated in a collection of short stories together. On Sunday, I made another seasonal fruit pie : apple-pear, yummy!

J'ai fait une tarte (à l'américaine) pomme-poire, car j'avais des bons fruits de saison dans le frigo.

Et j'ai fait une très grande casserole de sauce tomate à congeler pendant que les tomates sont toujours en saison et pas chères au marché !

And Saturday, I spent making a huge pot of tomato sauce to freeze while tomatoes are still in season and fresh at the market. It was very exciting because I got to use my wonderful new kitchen scale (the only one I could find that had both pounds and kilos). The tomato sauce making idea came from spending time at my parents' house this summer where my mom and I were trying to think what to do with all the tomatoes from the garden that we couldn't eat fast enough. We came up with this very simple recipe.

J'ai eu l'idée de faire de la sauce tomate quand j'étais chez mes parents cet été : on n'arrivait pas à manger toutes les tomates du jardin assez rapidement. Ma mère et moi avons créé cette recette très simple avec les tomates et herbes du jardin et j'ai décidé que cela pouvait très bien aller dans mon envie d'utiliser des fruits et légumes locaux et en saison.

Ingredients :

4lbs tomatoes /1,8 kg de tomates

1 onion / 1 oignon

6-12 branches parsley / 6 à 12 tiges de persil (I like putting in lots of herbs, but you can adjust to fit your tastes)

6-12 branches basil / 6 à 12 tiges de basilic (j'aime mettre beaucoup d'herbes fraîches, mais vous pouvez mettre selon votre goût)

Fresh or dried thyme / un peu de thym frais ou séché

10 cloves garlic, peeled / 10 gousses d'ail, pelées

2/3 cup olive oil / 170 ml d'huile d'olive

salt, pepper / sel, poivre

Core tops of tomatoes, and slice, removing the seeds. Put all ingredients (except salt & pepper) in a pot and simmer on medium heat for about 15 minutes until sauce begins to thicken. Take out whole herbs (or take out some and leave some in). Put through food mill. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Couper les tomates en quartiers et ôter les pepins. Mettre tous les ingrédients (à part le sel et poivre) dans une grande casserole et faire bouillir à feu moyen pendant environ 15 minutes jusqu'à ce que la sauce commence à épaissir. Enlever les herbes fraîches (ou au moins la plupart) et mélanger dans un mixer. Ajouter le sel et poivre selon votre goût.


Anonymous said...

Too much baking ? Impossible !

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Yes, it's impossible to bake too much ;-P! Gorgeous looking creations!



Cicero Sings said...

Never can have too much baking. The aromas, the taste ... warm out of the oven. Mmmmmm ... all looked very yummy. I love brownies and pie is my all time favourite dessert.

I have a few tomatoes to do up too. They are ripening faster then we can eat them. I made 6 cups of the green ones into green tomato mincemeat.

Sam said...

Those tomatoes look amazing! They're massive!
When I was in Spain they sold tomatoes like that, they taste so much better than the tomatoes we get in England.

Hopie said...

D.K. - call me psychic, but I was pretty sure you were going to say that!

Rosa - Thank you! I had fun with them :-)

Cicero - Pie is my all time favorite too, especially apple pie, simple, yet so yummy. I saw that you made green tomato mincemeat when you posted about it. What do you do with that?

Sam - Yes, I'm a big fan of the enormous tomatoes here! You'll have to grow your own I guess... ;-)

Apples and Butter said...

Looks delicious. I'm particularly loving the tomato sauce. So simple. So fresh. I wish we had great tomatoes year-round, but I guess that would kill most of the anticipation and joy of summer tomatoes wouldn't it? Thanks for sharing your lovely recipes!

Hopie said...

Apple and butter - I know how you feel wanting certain fruits and veggies to be around all year -- hence the fresh-tomato sauce, which I'm hoping will remind me of summer tastes this winter :-)

Sam said...

I've given you an award, I know you already have one but now you have two!

Hopie said...

Sam - Yay! Two awards! Thank you :-)

Homemade Heaven said...

That apple and pear pie looks beautiful - definitely going to try that soon.

Hopie said...

Rose - Thank you. Although I guess the season isn't quite right down where you are yet :-)

Anonymous said...

How lucky am I? I just so happen to have a batch of this sauce made by YOU in my freezer!!

Hopie said...

Tyler - Hehe, you ARE lucky. I already ate up the batch I put in my freezer! I remember that we made it into a meat sauce when we came to NYC and had that nice dinner at home with you and Lil. That was yummy.