18 June 2008

Encore l'appart / New Apt Update

Avec la pièce qui commence cette semaine, je n'ai eu que très peu de temps pour manger et encore moins pour cuisiner. Par contre, je vous ai parlé il y a quelques semaines de ma nouvelle cuisine (pourtant pas encore finie) et ça continue d'avancer !

With the play opening this week (last night to be exact), I have had very little time to eat this week, much less to cook exciting food. However, if my recipes have been unexciting, the apartment (esp. the kitchen which I posted about a couple weeks ago) has been getting more and more so!

La semaine dernière j'ai jeté les anciens torchons très très tachés (j'avais pris une photo en me disant que je pourrais vous faire le before et after, mais j'ai eu trop honte de la mettre, tellement ils étaient graves !) et j'ai acheté ces nouveaux torchons tous beaux (sur lesquel j'avais pris la photo de mes scones à la rhubarbe) :

Last week I replaced my horribly old and stained dish towels with the above beautifully coordinated ones featured in the photos of my Orange Rhubarb Scones (I took a picture of the old ones so I could do a before and after type effect, but I'm too embarrassed to post the before picture; they were that bad!). I even got the matching oven mitt to take things out of my exciting new oven.

J'ai même le gant de cuisine qui va avec ! Et puis, là, il faut que je dise un grand merci à D. qui m'a fabriqué ce que j'ai toujours voulu : une belle étagère à épices ! Je n'ai pas encore mis en bocaux tous mes épices en vrac afin de les ranger, mais c'est déjà un grand soulagement. C'est sûr, quand tous les épices sont empilés dans un coin, on a parfois des bonnes surprises en y allant au hasard, mais il y en avait un peu marre des tartes à la fraises et au hot curry ! En bas, on a mis des étagère pour mes thés aussi :-)

Last time, I was all in love with my glass wall containers, but love is fickle; I now have a new favorite part of the kitchen: this wonderful spice shelf that D. made for me! Thanks D.!

Sure when all your spices are piled in a corner and you have to close your eyes and plunge in at random you find some new and interesting combinations, but those strawberry pies with hot curry powder were getting a bit old. I still have to put all my loose spices in jars so I can stick them on the shelf too! Underneath the spice shelf, those two IKEA shelves hold all my tea, which is super practical as well :-)

Et puis, pour couronner le tout, nous avons FINALEMENT une vrai table pour manger. Avant, on mangeait sur la table basse du salon, mais cela fait 2 ans que nous cultivons nos problèmes de dos - et maintenant - fini ! Quand je suis rentrée de la générale de la pièce lundi soir, j'étais accueilli avec ce joli tableau :

And, top it all off, we finally have a real table! We've been eating on the coffee table in front of the couch for 2 years, our spines getting more and more out of whack, and now all that is over. The above picture is what greeted me when I got home from dress rehearsal Monday night. Not half bad...


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

De jolis torchons! I love that last picture... Very cozy!



Katharine said...

Magnifique! The photo of what greeted you after dress rehearsal makes me feel like I'm in Paris about to partake of a romantic, delicious dinner for two. Well done, D!

Your kitchen is coming together beautifully. Brava! Looking forward to more amazing recipes.

Speaking of which, your youngest sister lost the keys to her big sister's car last week. While they looked everywhere for hours, and gave up twice, I prayed to St. Fanourios back home. Later when Dad called, they told him they had found the keys. Since they hadn't called me to tell me, I said, "Okay, then, you make the St. Fanourios cake!" Modifying a recipe on line (after we figured out how to spell "Fanourios"), Laney made a cake so light and delicious that Nini and I are urging her to send you her recipe so it can be featured on Hopie's kitchen. Stay tuned! Love, Mamasita

Cicero Sings said...

I wish I was a jetsetter ... and could be there to see you in your play! ... but I don't think I'll get to Paris any time soon.

I love your new table with those windows right beside ... makes it look like some high class restaurant. Very inviting!

Your kitchen is looking good. Tea towels and dish cloths ... how do they get looking so bad? I'm so careful with the washing too. Because of their propensity to shabbiness, they make good presents ... even as gift wrap for another kitchen item! Still, it takes a few washings for a dish towel to get broken in!!

Hope the play is a huge success!

Hopie said...

Rosa - merci ! c'est très agréable de manger à cette table :-)

Mom - St. Fanourios Cake sounds wonderful. Definitely tell Lanes to send the recipe. Love to sisters and Nini!

Cicero Sings - Thank you! When I make as much money as Johnny Depp I'll fly you to Paris for my shows of course :-) Hm, dish towels as gifts - that's a good idea! It is nice to get new ones.

Anthony said...

Good job D! Very elegant.

And Hope - your kitchen is looking more and more impressive. I'm starting to get jealous.

sandrine said...

Oh ! la jolie table, dis donc;-)

Gaël R. alias "orneylie" said...

lovely blog... I'll be back. If you want to enjoy a good lebanese tabbuleh, I posted it last week.
Have fun in Paris, et M.... pour le spectacle en cours.


Hopie said...

Anthony - well thank you! That's quite a compliment.

Sandrine - eh, oui ! La prochaine fois que vous venez, ça va être la class !

Orneylie - Thanks for stopping by :-) Your taboulé looks delicious. You're welcome back anytime.

Colloquial Cook said...

Wow, such a pretty table! Too bad I'm leaving my studio so soon and can't make any changes!

Hopie said...

Thank you! Well I hope you're moving some place nice :-)