22 November 2008

Energy Food Roundup - Go Mom Go!!

Today's the day! Over the course of the day, my mom (along with 10,000 other people) is biking 109 miles to raise money for blood cancers. Personally, she's raised almost $10,000! A little over a week ago I launched my first ever blogging event in honor of her ride, asking for suggestions for energy food. I received 4 official entries and many more suggestions. Thank you to everyone who offered their recipes and advice. I passed it all along to my mom who was very touched by the support.

C'est aujourd'hui que ma mère (avec 10 000 autres personnes) fait sa grande course à vélo (175 km !) pour recueillir de l'argent pour la recherche de traitements pour les cancers du sang. Elle a déjà recueilli presque $10 000 ! Je suis très impressionnée. Il y a un peu plus d'une semaine, j'ai lancé mon premier challenge de blog : Energy Food Challenge pour la soutenir. J'ai eu 4 entrées officielles, et beaucoup de suggestions. Merci à tout le monde pour vos encouragement.

Avant de passer aux entrées, (présentées dans la langue de l'auteur) je voulais d'abord remercier D.K. pour son billet sur le sujet, et tous ceux qui ont laissé des commentaires, surtout Droufn avec ses conseils et sa recette de boisson hydratante :
Dans un litre d’eau mélanger une cuillère de miel, un demi-citron et une pincée de sel.

Olivier SC a aussi fait un lien pour le challenge dans son billet du 11 novembre avec une gentille mention pour ma maman.

Although, her blog is not food-related, D.K. posted about this challenge, here, and encouraged her readers to participate. There were many helpful responses, especially from Droufn who entered a recipe for a hydrating drink: In one liter of water, mix a spoonful of honey, half a lemon and a pinch of salt.

Olivier SC (another non-food blogger) put a link to the challenge in his post on November 11th with some kind encouragement for my mom.

Banana-Chocolate Flapjacks

The first entry comes from Sam over at Antics of a Cycling Cook (as you
can tell from the title of his blog, he knows what he's talking about when it comes to cycling!). He posted these delicious-looking, energy-packed Banana-Chocolate Flapjacks and related his experience cycling across Spain on the Camino de Santiago!

Gâteau Banane-Chocolat-Cannelle

La deuxième recette, un gâteau banane-chocolat-cannelle, vient de Kiki du blog de Posuto. Son blog n'est pas non plus un blog de cuisine donc elle m'a envoyé la recette à poster ici: Prendre un yaourt nature, 3 oeufs, 4 cuillères à soupe de sucre en poudre, 10 cuillères à soupe de farine, 1 cuillère à soupe de maïzena, 1 sachet de levure, 1 demi-cuillère à café de cannelle en poudre, 2 bananes, quelques pépites de chocolat. Mélanger le tout le mieux possible. Beurrer un moule à cake. Mettre au four environ 40 mn (planter la lame d'un couteau pour savoir si c'est cuit, la lame doit ressortir sèche).

Cranberry-Pecan Granola

Camille over at Croquecamille has entered Cran
berry Pecan Granola, an recipe high in energy and fiber, and low in fat. She based it on a similar granola recipe she made last summer and adapted, quite deliciously from the looks of it, for the season. The recipe might be dangerous though because Camille says once you get hooked on homemade granola you never go back to pre-packaged!

Power Pancakes with Peanut Butter & Bananas

Trisha at The Zest is no fan of fluff; she's for hearty and nutritious and she's entered these delicious-looking Power Pancakes with Peanut Butter & Bananas. Since the 109-mile event is taking place not too far away from Trisha, she says she feels particularly responsible for making sure my mom gets the right nutrients and I have no doubt that these pancakes will do the trick.


If anyone is willing and interested, my mom can still accept donations for another couple weeks. Go here to find out more.
Si vous pouvez et si cela vous intéresse bien sûr, ma mère accepte encore les contributions pendant quelques semaines. Allez ici pour en savoir plus.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Yes, go! Great recipes! I particularly like the Flapjacks!

Cheers and bon weekend,


D.K. said...

Katharine, we're all thinking of you today! Yes, you can!

Cicero Sings said...

Those flapjacks do look tantalizing. Yes, I hope your Mom is going strong ... and that she has a good masseuse at the end of the day!

Psychgrad said...

Oh crap! Did we miss it? I was just going to come by to tell you that I would be making my submission tomorrow and now I see I'm too late. I feel terrible. Sorry. Bad adoptive bloggers we are. :(

Is there somewhere that we can make a donation?

All the best to your mom!

Ivy said...

Hopie, I am terribly sorry and ashamed as this is the first time I have said I would make a contribution and did not keep my word. I was totally committed to getting BloggerAid ready that it slipped out of my mind. Good Luck to your mum and all the recipes sound great.

Amy said...

Good luck, Katharine! I'll be thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

Maybe I should have made banana granola? (Except that that would never happen seeing as I can't stand dried banana.) ;)

Sam said...

Wow $10,000 that's incredible!

Great recipes, it seems bananas were a popular choice!

Olivier SC said...

Ben moi itou, j'en avais aussi causé, le 11 novembre ...
Allez, je remets tout de même ça ce soir ; du moins : vers ces recette ;)
Bonne fin de dimanche !

Hopie said...

Rosa - I know, those flapjacks look good! Hope you had a good weekend!

D.K. - :-)

Cicero Sings - She was well taken care of!

Psychgrad - That's ok. You'll have to make it up next time ;-) There is indeed a website to donate and my mom can accept donations for another couple weeks here:


I'll edit the post to put a link in!

Ivy - I understand you were busy. BloggerAid is a big important project!

Amy - :-)

Camille - Hehe, true. Then the theme would've been complete ;-)

Sam - Indeed. Well bananas are good energy food I guess. It's unanimous!

Olivier - C'est vrai ! Et j'avais l'intention de te mentionner en plus et puis j'ai dû faire l'article vite avant de partir pour le weekend et j'ai oublié ! Je règle ça tout de suite.

Alex Rushmer said...

Gah, sorry I missed this - great recipes though.

Trisha said...

Looks like bananas were a hit. I'm game to try Camille's granola, though. And three cheers for your mom!

Papilles et Pupilles said...

shame on me ! j'ai laissé passé la date ! J'étais à Paris depuis quelques jours et je n'ai pas vu le temps passer ! je venais chercher les modalités de participation et paf la girafe, c'est fini !
Un très grand bravo pour la cause et désolée de ne pas avoir eu le temps de participer !

Papilles et Pupilles said...

shame on me ! j'ai laissé passé la date ! J'étais à Paris depuis quelques jours et je n'ai pas vu le temps passer ! je venais chercher les modalités de participation et paf la girafe, c'est fini !
Un très grand bravo pour la cause et désolée de ne pas avoir eu le temps de participer !