22 February 2009

Blog Birthday

On vient de passer la St. Valentin, mais il y a un autre événement que j'aimerais fêter : mon blog à 1 an ce mois-ci ! Je suis très fière de mon petit blog qui a appris beaucoup depuis ses premiers pas hésistants en février dernier. Il s'est fait des amis à l'école des blogs. Il s'est joint à des activités avec d'autres blogs gentils et il parle deux langues dans la vie de tous les jours.

Well Valentine's Day has come and gone (I've been away for 10 days), but I'd like to mention another important event, at least on this blog and that is my blog birthday! This month, my blog is one year old, young for sure, but my blog and I have learned a lot and grown in the past year. We've met other nice blogs, made friends, and shared activities.

Pour fêter cet événement, je vous présente un meilleur moyen de trouver toutes les recettes que vous aimez (j'espère) chez Hopie's Kitchen : La Liste des Recettes (en haut à gauche). Pour l'instant il n'y a qu'une liste et elle est bilingue, mais je ne suis pas contre l'idée de changer si vous me dites que cela serait plus utile d'avoir une liste uniquement en français et une autre en anglais. Vous saurez mieux que moi ce qui peut vous aider !

In order to celebrate, I've come up with a new, easier way to search for all your favorite (I hope) recipes. No longer to you have to weed through the archives trying to match the ingredients to the season to remember when I posted, just click on the list at the top left of the sidebar, look up the category and click on the recipe link! For there is only one list in two languages, but I'd love to have your feedback on how easy it is to use because if need be, I will make two lists, one French, one English.

Happy searching!


Daniel said...

Happy birthday!!!
Ta liste est bien organisée et je pense que tu n'as besoin de la modifier.

Et je te souhaite encore pleins d'autres anniversaires.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Joyeux Bloganniversaire et bonne continuation!



croquecamille said...

Happy blog birthday to you, too! Here's to many more!

Cicero Sings said...

Happy 1st anniversary! It sure has gone by fast. My 2nd is coming up in March. Who'd a thunk I'd have hung in there this long?!! (But I think I'm running out of ideas).

How nice of you to organize an index for us! A great gift.

P.S. ... I'm doing a giveaway for my 2nd ... 4 bars of homemade soap, maybe a little something else ... based on comments between Feb 14 and Mar 14 ... to be revealed March 15 ... just in case you missed that tidbit of info being away and all. The names are piling up in my little cloth basket. Trouble is I'd like to send a bar to all of my faithful followers ... if it weren't for the postage and customs and all!!!

Tony said...

Happy Birthday Blog!

I love your new organizational plan. How did you do it? I want to steal your idea!

For ease of recipe-finding, I think it would be better to make 2 separate lists for French and English. It'll look less crowded and it'll probably be less confusing for the folks who only speak one of the 2 languages.

Psychgrad said...

One year! Wow. Times flies. Happy blog birthday!

Miette said...

Heureux anniversaire à ton blog ! Je lui souhaite tout plein de bonnes choses pour les longues années qui l'attendent ;-)



Alex Rushmer said...

Happy bloggy-birthday!

Elra said...

Happy blog anniversary! May you have many many more.

Sam said...

Happy blog birthday! I love the recipe list, how did you do it?

Olivier SC said...

Quel festin pour ce 1er bloganniversaire ! Formidable et : continues à nous régaler ainsi !

Kinton said...

next time you are stateside, will you make the walnut-clementine-meringues for us at the winery? mmmMMMmmmm

giz said...

Hopie....how quickly you've grown up and it feels like only yesterday we adopted you and now you're a full grown blog (tears of joy).
Happy Blogoversary!!!!
Now don't foget yo mamma.

Hopie said...

Daniel - Thank you! Et merci de ton avis pour la liste.

Rosa - Merci!

Camille - Indeed. I'll drink to that!

Cicero - You? Running out of ideas? I don't believe it! Lovely idea for the give-away. Do you I have to comment during that time, or say something particular?

Tony - Yea, I think I'll do the two lists thing, but probably not right away. Basically I just made a post that I back-dated (to the very beginning of my blog) and manually went through adding links to each of my recipes one by one and sorting by category (some of which I had done in my labels already, so that made them easier to find - then I deleted the redundant labels). It took a while, but now when I post, I just the recipe link right away to the appropriate category in that post.

Psychgrad - It does fly by. Thank you for your support!

Miette - Merci pour ces gentils mots !

Alex - Thank you :-)

Elra - Thanks, I hope so!

Sam - Glad you like it (see my response to Tony above).

Olivier - Merci et merci pour tous tes mentions !

Kinton - It would be a pleasure. (Although being on the east coast as I was last time, is still a bit far from you for meringue-making) ;-)

Giz - Now blog-Momma, don't worry. Even when us baby blogs grow up, we still love our families ;-) Thanks for being so important in mine!

Ivy said...

Happy blogoversary Hopie. Sorry I am late to wish you many more blog posts with lots of delicious recipes.

Papilles et Pupilles said...

Joyeux blog'versaire :)