12 March 2008

Other places to find good cooking

I know what you're saying to yourself : I LOVE Hopie's Kitchen, but what do I do on the days Hopie doesn't post. I need my cooking fix!! Well...I've recently had the pleasure of joining two blogrolls exclusively for cooking blogs.

Click to Join the GREAT COOKS! Blogroll


Click to Join the Foodie Blogroll! A growing community of foodie blogs.

To get your recipe dose for the day, just click on the links and take a look around! There are lots of cooking blogs, general and specialized, with tons of yummy ideas. And if you have a cooking blog yourself, you should join!


D.K. said...

More blogs! More good food! Yes! But you're the best, Hopie!

Hopie said...

Thank you! (You're not just saying that so I'll make the coconut noodles again, are you?)

D.K. said...

No, no... but if you insist...