23 March 2008

Sunday - no baking

spring crocuses photo courtesy of Amy

First of all, happy Easter to those who celebrate it today. My Easter recipes will be on Greek Orthodox schedule -- which is a whole month later this year. Unfortunately, since I've been sick this weekend, there won't be any Sunday baking today (good time to browse, dig up recipes you haven't tried). But I imagine if you're celebrating Easter, you're done with your baking (no??), and if it's just another Sunday for you, well, sleep in, relax, and then go smell some flowers, 'cause spring is on the way!


Mel said...

I'm so sorry you're sick! At least it happened on Catholic Easter, not Orthodox. Feel better soon!

Hopie said...

Thanks, I will. I already am feeling a bit better and looking forward to getting back to some cooking tomorrow, since I have Easter Monday off!