08 May 2008

Aprons and Weekends

In perusing one of the cooking blogs I regularly read yesterday, I found that Kristin of Dine and Dish (a long time feature on my blog roll) is also the star of a weekly column called Dishing it Up Weekend Style.

I don't know if you've noticed, but I LOVE cooking on weekends when I have time and the pressure's off. During the week it's all "oh, no I just got back from rehearsal and I'm HUNGRY... must. find. food. ARGGGGGG". That last part is actually the sound of D. turning into a monster, and preparing to take a large bite out of my upper arm if we can't get something more appealing on the table soon.

But on the weekends there's time for all sorts of things: stocks, and roasts, and pancakes for breakfast - the whole kit and caboodle (or is it the whole kitten caboodle - which is how I've always thought of it in my head? Like a furry pile of kittens... but I digress).

Kristin is calling for ideas for weekend recipes (the deadline is tomorrow!) and she's drawing one lucky person out of a hat (or the computer equivalent - I'm old-fashioned) to win one of these beautifully creative aprons from Etsy by Julie.

What do you guys cook on the weekends? Do you cook more elaborate things, or on the contrary, do you take a break from cooking on the weekend. If you have time, you should share your recipes with Kristin too (I mean selfishly I hope you don't because I want more chances to win that gorgeous apron), but I'm sure she'd be happy to have them.


D.K. said...

Maybe I could make an entry : "Sunday roast - Hopie's upper arm with cream and honey". Sounds good, no ?

Camille said...

For some all-day, over-the-top weekend cooking, check out my posts on Easter brunch and dinner. That's a cute apron, I hope you win!

Cicero Sings said...

Dutch Apple Pancake ... for Sunday Brunch with a bottle of champagne.

oooooh, gooooood!

Kristen said...

It was so kind of you for posting about this here. Thank you :) Julie is going to be thrilled with the extra attention.

Hopie said...

D.K. - hmmmm...I'm not sure about that one. Good for who? The green monster?

Camille - ooh, I'll take a look at those. One of the recipes I submitted was an Easter one as well!

Cicero - that sounds absolutely heavenly. When do I get Sunday Brunch at your house?

Kristin - my pleasure. She deserves it!

Anonymous said...

Where do I go to check out Camille's posts on Easter Brunch and dinner?

Meet you in BC for Cicero's listener's Dutch Apple pancakes - mmm, yumm - you bring the champagne, I'll bring some of my stock of Mourad's tea, D can bring her healthy appetite!


PS to the green monster: NON! it does not sound good :(

PPS to Cicero's listener: I got the recipe for Greek Easter Bread (featured earlier on this blog)from a Canadian cook book series put out by Harrowsmith magazine. Ever since have had utmost respect for Canadian cooks!

Hopie said...

Mom - Camille's blog is called Croque Camille and is in my list of Good Cooking blogs on the left-hand side of the screen when you scroll down my blog. For the Easter recipes look here: http://croquecamille.wordpress.com/2008/03/26/easter-brunch/
and here:

Oh and thanks for defending me against the green monster!