25 May 2008

What's left/Restes

Well this Sunday, once again, there's no baking, no cooking of any kind going on in my almost empty kitchen. Lunch was leftovers heated up quickly before the rest of the pots, pans, silverware, and plates went into a box. Tomorrow is the BIG DAY. Some of you have been asking about pictures of the new apartment. I will definitely be sharing some of those with you next week (especially of my VERY EXCITING new kitchen). But as a little teaser: remember the living room? When we bought the apt, it looked like this:

Ca y est, le jour J, c'est demain ! Nous déménageons ! Je mettrai en ligne sûrement plus de photos du nouvel appartement (et surtout de ma merveilleuse nouvelle cuisine) la semaine porchaine, mais en avant goût : la photo ci-dessus répresente le salon au moment où nous avons acheté l'appart... et le voilà aujourd'hui (enfin hier pour être honnête) :

And THIS is what it looks like now. Two of the walls are "fig" - as you can see - and the other two walls match the borders around the doors. And this is one of the rooms that has changed the least!

Deux des murs sont couleur "figue", comme vous pouvez voir, et les deux autres sont de la même couleur que les bordures. Cela change, non ? Et encore, c'est une des pièces qui a changé le moins pendant les travaux...

Ok, ok, enough about walls and paint and those beautiful wood floors, what about the cooking? Well, this week I've been using up things I didn't think worth packing in a box. Alright, I confess, I've been finishing bottles of alcohol. Bottles are heavy, right? I HAD to.

Puisqu'il faut tout mettre en carton (des grands cartons lourds, des petits cartons lourds, enfin, vous aurez compris, les cartons sont lourds !), je voulais manger cette semaine de façon à alléger le plus possible les cartons de cuisine. Donc, nous nous sommes sacrifiées. Nous avons fini ces 4 bouteilles :

Yes, so first the bottle of white wine that had been in the fridge for a while (we don't drink much white; I use it mostly for cooking), which I used to make this risotto (along with some leftover homemade stock) with artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, and feta. I even got D. to eat spinach by sticking it under the cooked risotto so it was just a bit wilted when we got to it, but not mushy.

Avec la fin du vin blanc j'ai fait ce risotto aux artichauts, tomates sechées et féta. Le vin rouge m'a servi pour un gâteau au vin rouge et à la cannelle, et D. a même pu utiliser le fond pour une sauce tomate sur des pâtes. D. a fini la liqueur de lichti en digestif et moi le grand marnier. Nous étions très... heureuses d'avoir autant avancé les choses pour notre déménagement. :-)

One bottle of red that had recently been opened, used to make red wine chocolate cake, and the end of a bottle of litchi liquor - um, D. drank it, and the end of a bottle of grand marnier - um, I drank it. And afterwards we were very happy -- I mean to have done our part to lighten the boxes for moving, of course...


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I love that fig wall painting! All the best with the move...



David said...

deep fig walls? glowing parquet floors? induction stovetop? when is Architectural Digest stopping by to do their big spread?

by the time I wrote this, you will no doubt be exhausted but, I hope, happily surrounded by boxes in your new apartment. Félicitations! Obviously, the first thing to do is to buy some heavy bottles of alcohol to celebrate!

Katharine said...

Methinks it more appropriate to call the living room wall color "wine!"

And, I echo the chorus of félicitations!! It is beautiful, what we've seen so far. Can't wait for more.

Much love,

Hopie said...

Rosa - thanks!

Dad - Oh they'll be photographing soon, don't worry. And we bought some heavy tubs of ice cream to put in our new freezer, does that count? We ate some for dinner and now we're going to bed because we're beat!

Mamasita - hehe. Good point. I wish you could see the clouds all pink from the sunset outside our window. I can! ;-)

Melanie said...

Good luck with the move! Also, j'adore ton nouveaux photo! C'est tres jolie, est un peu...mysterieux!

Katharine said...

Pink tinged clouds out your window - there's a "wow" factor!

Love the new headshot - saucy!

Hopie said...

Mel - The move went pretty well. Now it's down to unpacking all the boxes and finishing painting the apartment! And thanks! I finally got my new photo portfolio for theater and decided to use one of the pictures on my blog :-)

Momita - Thanks! The photographer took wonderful headshots. I'm very happy with them, so I figured I should show one off ;-) I'm going to post a picture of the clouds - although it's never as nice as in real life.

Hopie said...

P.S. - Mom, I really like your profile photo too. Where is that?

Anthony said...

i love your new apartment! it's so pretty! also, your new picture is very nice - you look like a supermodel :)

Hopie said...

Oh, I AM a supermodel now! (Er, except for the model part.)