01 February 2008


Pour bien commencer, je vais noter tout de suite quelques conversions utiles pour appliquer des recettes américaines en France et vice versa.
In case I don't have time to convert all my recipes, here are some helpful English/metric conversions to start out with :

Farine / Flour : 1 cup = 150g

Sucre / Sugar : 1/2 cup = 100g

Beurre ou margarine / butter or margarine : 1 cup = 250g

Liquide / Liquid : 1 cup = 250ml (25cl)

Bien sûr, il peut y avoir des petits écarts, mais cela reste un bon point de départ.
Ok, so it's not an exact science, but those are rounded to the nearest sane measurement and should work out fine.


Lils said...

uh oh, Delphine has some serious competition! I can practice my French by reading the French and then read the English if I have problems. Of course, there are differences, but that can help me too! So, really your blog is just for me. I know it. Suggestion - try some vegan recipes once in a while? :)

Anthony said...

hope! your first recipes should be the awesome fondue you fed me when i came to visit and the chocolate lava cake things we made with only some of the ingredients we needed!

(ren suggests that you frame this in terms of a "retrospective")


Hopie said...

Tony -- I'm so exicited!! I'll definetly get on top of those recipes as soon as possible. What does Ren mean by "retrospective" -- like a flash back to past culinary experiences?

And Lils -- glad to help you out with your french anytime. And I'll see if I have some vegan stuff in my arsenal.

Katharine said...

I'm looking forward to the Indian spinach recipe and the broccoli stir fry. At Christmas, if you're feeling generous, you could share your shortbread recipe...don't forget your quiche! What's on the menu for Valentine's? This is gonna be fun!

Emilie said...

Bonsoir Hope !

ça y est, tu parmi mes favoris (onglet "cuisine"). je saurai où aller me renseigner lorsque je serai à court d'idées quand des amis viennent manger à l'appart' ...

Merci !


émilie xxxx

Hopie said...

Salut Emilie,

Je serai ravie d'avoir tes commentaires et suggestions aussi ou si jamais tu veux propser des recettes... ;-)

Je suis vraiment contente d'avoir enfin fait mon blog parce que je m'éclate complètement !

bisous !

hejsan said...

yeahh :)
benh merci pour cette astuce alors :)

Hopie said...

j'espère que c'est utile ! ;-)