14 February 2008

India Kala

En me baladant avec ma moitié cet après-midi, nous avons parlé d'un salon de thé très près de chez nous qu’on voulait essayer depuis longtemps. Puisque, comme on dit en anglais, “there’s no time like the present” ou en latin si vous préferez, “carpe diem”, j'ai voulu y aller sur le champs pour ne plus perdre de temps!

While coming back from an afternoon stroll up to the Sacré Coeur today with my other half, the conversation turned to this tea-room/Indian fair trade boutique right around the corner from us that we’ve been meaning to try for 2 years and haven’t gotten around to. “That’s it,” I said, “there’s no time like the present. Let’s go!”

En 5 minutes, on s’est retouvé à India Kala, un salon de thé et boutique d’objets issus du commerce équitables d’Inde. La salle est petite mais chaleureuse et ils ont des thés pas chers (et mêmes des brunchs le week-end). Mais, alors, la grande déception avec ce panneau dans leur vitrine : BAIL A CEDER. ☹ Donc, India Kala ne va plus être là longtemps (allez-y, et vite!), mais nous avons quand même pris des boissons (moi, un tchai très sympa), qui sont servies avec un morceau de pain d’épices. Après j’y ai acheté un panier de courses (en solde !) fait de fibres de bananier dans un bidonville de Madras. Un très bon après-midi!

A few minutes later, we were seated in the warm, red-toned tea room, India Kala, sipping hot drinks (I got a delicious chai made with fair trade products). Each drink came with a little piece of spiced sweet bread. Unfortunately, we noticed a large sign on the front of the store saying: FOR RENT, so despite all our good intentions, we won’t be able to go there for very much longer. The owner explained that she wasn’t really making any money. Plus, it was traveling to India that had given her the idea to open the store and now she can’t go anywhere! After tea, I looked around and bought a very nice bag for my groceries at the market (on sale!). It was made in a ghetto of Madras, the owner explained, of fiber from a banana tree. All in all a lovely afternoon.


Anthony said...

nice bag. it's too bad the store is closing. i hate it when i find something just as it's closing! that happened to ren and i with the clayroom we told you about.

Hopie said...

thanks. i gave the bag a test try and it's really nice to carry, very strong and supple, nice weight. i'll probably post a picture of it in use at some point ;-)

i know, that's sad about the clayroom too. sucks how that happens.