06 February 2008

How to eat bananas without oppressing people...

While looking at another cooking blog today, I was overjoyed to discover Dole organic bananas! Since bananas are one of those foods that can be guilt producing when one tries to be socially conscious, I was interested to learn that Dole is now growing organic bananas in Honduras, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Colombia and Peru. On their website, you can even type in the 3-digit code on your organic fruit and "visit the farm" where they were grown.

Of course there's still the problem that bananas often come from far away and use a lot of fossil fuels on the way to where they're going -- but Dole Organic is working on a carbon neutral program, so at least that's something...


HappyGirl said...

This blog is all kinds of amazing! I didn't realize that you had moved to Paris, full time! That's wonderful for you! You are living the dream. And how is the acting going? I am very curious! But I wanted to comment and cheer you on in this blog effort- I am trying to get one up myself, but I've been sick.
As for your awesome post on banana tracking, let me try out the coolest phrase Krystle ever taught me:
c'est vachement bien!
I don't care if it's applicable or even grammatically correct! This is why I love the French--their flair for the ridiculous. <3

D.K. said...

Voilà une bonne nouvelle - je ne mange pratiquement plus de bananes pour des raisons éthiques, or j'aime ce fruit ! Une fois le programme dont tu parles mis en route, j'en rachète :-)

Hopie said...

Hi Emma!

Yup I'm in Paris. The acting is mostly scenes in the program I'm doing right now -- but it's fun.

'C'est vachement bien' is great French expression. :-)

Let me know when you get your blog up, and I'll come visit.

Dole Organic Program said...

Hi Hopie!

I am very glad you liked our idea to create the link between the farm and the customer. This is an effort to provide all the information the public would have about the product he/she is buying.
We call it transparency, and also identity. Now you see the faces behind the fruit.

The Carbon Neutral Program is also going quite well, we are very confident we will be able to provide a Carbon Compensated product to you, and soon.

More good things are coming, I will keep you informed.

Thanks again for the post and for supporting us.

Kind regards from Costa Rica,
Luis Monge
Dole Organic Program.

Hopie said...

Well thank you for your program! I like knowing where your food comes from and how it gets to me! I'm glad it's going well.